Simple Steps to Better Sales Calls: Maintain the Momentum

Maintain the Momentum Now all you need to do is keep moving forward. Success in sales, like in most things, is largely defined by momentum. Continuing to push forward. In my experience, sales isn’t about goals. Sure, you likely have quotas or sales targets, and you should certainly set personal goals for yourself. But sales […]

Simple Steps to Better Sales Calls: Follow up Immediately

Follow up Immediately          Your sales call or meeting is now over. You’ve got things to do, and chances are your customer does as well. Summarize them and send a follow up email. Something like this, perhaps: Jim, Good meeting. Lots of excellent discussion, and was fascinated to learn that the company […]

Simple Steps To Better Sales Calls: Give Time Back

Give Time Back This one is easy. Or it should be. Take only the time that you need. And give the rest back. Do you know what they call a productive meeting that is an hour on the books, but wraps up ten or fifteen minutes. It’s a gift. It’s an opportunity to squeeze in […]

Simple Steps to Better Sales Calls: Don’t Rely On Your Demo

Don’t rely on your demo. Let’s start by defining exactly what a ‘demo’ is. It is an orchestrated, practiced demonstration or walk-through of the product that is intended to solve the problem the customer is either facing or looking to avoid. Boredom Ahead With most ‘demo’ sessions, there is an established path or set of […]

Simple Steps to Better Sales Calls: Relax. It’s Just A Sales Call

Just relax. Ooooommmmmm… Easier said than done, perhaps. Nerves will do what nerves do. But you can assert some control over this with the right mindset. Relax. Yes, it’s easy for me to say, but you can get there. For the less experienced sales executive, it may help to imagine that it’s your 50th sales […]