Why hire Kiinetics?

We understand the complexity of health plan requirements, their unique thought processes and business drivers, the decision process, stakeholders and buyer behavior. We can extend your resources to get further, faster. Plus, we’re fun to work with and easy to engage…and disengage.

What are your areas of expertise?

We have experience in clinical, administrative and financial solutions for commercial, Medicare, Medicaid health plans, TPAs, and risk-bearing employers. In particular, those solutions include: EDI transactions, provider portals, data analytics, fraud and abuse, health and wellness, remote monitoring, clinical decision support, collaborative care platforms, business process outsourcing, revenue cycle management, web portal development, ePrescribing, healthcare information exchanges. We’ve been around a while and understand most of the HIT components payers rely on, or should. Lately, we’re paying particular attention on ACO, PCMH and other reimbursement models with which payers are now contending.

What aren’t your areas of expertise?

With payers, we don’t focus directly on sales/broker or actuarial/underwriting aspects of the health plan business (except as those areas overlap with the clinical, administrative or financial solutions.) We can’t help much with government (CMS, VA, DoD) or with pharma, either. And we don’t do hospital/provider clinical or administrative systems.

What do you mean by Messaging, ROI Analysis and Resource Development?

We don’t provide traditional marketing services(e.g. collateral design, graphics, web design, SEO, email marketing strategies.) Instead, our value is around:

  • Creating the specific content, examples, terminology and call-to-action language that resonates with buyers.
  • Identifying and designing ROI and other measurable business impact evidence that health plans need to justify a decision (which usually means allocating scarce resources).
  • Helping your internal marketing staff develop the meaningful support resources (press releases, white papers, case studies, industry publications) needed.

Where are you headquartered?

Baltimore, MD. But can be where you need us. And no, Brendan is no longer living on his sailboat.

How long do engagements last?

It varies, and it’s largely up to you. Market research and survey work is typically measured in days or weeks. Sales and customer care engagements usually run at least six months.

What about confidentiality and conflicts of interest?

We’ll sign and rigorously adhere to NDAs, and we don’t engage with direct competitors simultaneously. We don’t typically sign non-compete agreements for all the obvious reasons, but can usually work through any concerns.

What industry events do you attend?

HIMSS, AHIP, Health 2.0, AMCP pretty consistently…plus others less so.

How do I get a proposal?

Call, email or text us. We’ll arrange a call to discuss your business objectives, obstacles and other details. We’ll do some discovery, some homework and thinking, and then get back to you either with specific questions or a draft proposal. We can typically turn it around in a day or two, but that depends on the details. (Which is where the devil is.)

Can you provide references?

Absolutely. You can probably deduce them from LinkedIn or a straightforward Google search, but we’re happy to provide them. We would ask that you not contact them until after you like the proposal. (We’ll extend the same courtesy to you when you’re a reference.)

Do you have a blog?

We did, but blogs are monsters that require constant feeding (something many of you can appreciate…) So we’ve stopped. (The old content is archived under the Resources tab for those with a masochistic tendency or trouble sleeping.) The approach we’ve settled on is, instead, to provide: 1) Short observations or items of interest that that show up in the Kiinetics Energy window, (clever, huh? Actually won’t be that clever until we can figure out how to make that HTML work…) and 2) longer white paper-ish write-ups that we make available for download.

Are you available for birthday parties or bar mitzvahs?

Yes, schedules permitting. We’re capable of mediocre juggling and can do some balloon animals. That said, there are better alternatives available.