Chronic Disease and the Internet

Chronic disease is big business. The CDC reports that seven out of ten deaths are due to chronic disease, and that more than 133M Americans(almost half the adult population) suffers from at least one chronic condition. In point of fact, well over 50% of all medical expense is due to chronic disease.

Chances are it is of interest to you, too, and certainly should be for health plans and delivery systems looking to provide better engagement with members, patients and their support structure. If so, you’ll find the just release Pew Research report of interest. It has a breadth of eye-opening statistics(81% of people go on-line, but only 62% if they have a chronic disease, and 52% if burdened with two; similar usage falloff for cell phone use; one in four uses some sort of social media; on in five creates health content) worth contemplating.

Granted, it’s rather geeky, esoteric stuff for the average salesperson to be reading. But who has time to be average these days?