Back from Hiatus

On of the Wiki dictionary definitions for hiatus is a ‘break or vacation’. Despite the timing of my absence, my neglect herein wasn’t a vacation. Rather, I’ve been absorbed by a new venture long overdue(more on that at a later date). This new endeavor has afforded me an excuse to stay away from writing and focus my attention elsewhere. In parallel, my compelling rationalizations had me convinced that I’d simply store up new ideas and observations somewhere in the dark, unused parts of my brain that would come immediately to mind once things settled down. As is likely obvious to the reader, this is at its very core faulty logic. When do things really settle down(and who wants them to, anyway?)  The bigger miscalculation was that these pre-packaged ideas would pour forth from my noggin’ unsolicited and at random intervals. They didn’t.

It turns out that, for me at least, generating new ideas requires considerable effort. Left to itself, my mind went quiescent. I found myself unfettered by blog-centric distractions. In fact, the longer I stayed away from thinking about writing, the less engaged I became and, in direct correlation, the more doubtful I became about my future ability to drum up new blog-worthy notions. Basically, inactivity reinforced lethargy and bred doubt. A body not in motion tends to stay that way, and gathers moss, too.

The good news is that the diligent reapplication of effort ultimately shook off the cobwebs and productivity reignited. It was a dim flame at the outset and it probably took me more effort than most, but I ultimately found myself coming up with stuff. Despite the slow start and prolonged moments of self-doubt, determination and stubbornness owned the day and ideas had no choice but to percolate. It was reassuring to find myself jotting down and cataloging the output.

For me, it’s all about momentum. Creating it, and then maintaining it. Not only in ideation, but with any real work. Summer is over, my self-indulgent hiatus is ended, and 2010 is trudging in heavy steps towards its conclusion.  We’ve got three-plus months to tie things up and wrap a big bow around this year, so it’s time to get this big, lethargic body(and the head to which it’s attached) back into motion. Stand back and let’s see what it can do.