Kiinetics was founded to help Healthcare Information Technology(HIT) companies respond to specific product development, market strategy and sales execution needs caused by the shifting marketplace brought on by healthcare reform, new reimbursement models and the shift from volume to value . We provide targeted, industry-specific, customer-facing resources for those looking to work strategically with health plans, health systems, ACOs and PCMHs. Our focus is on the sales and customer care aspects of HIT selection and use, helping health plans find and facilitate the adoption of innovative solutions that deliver competitive and customer advantage.


At Kiinetics, we focus on helping healthcare companies improve their business effectiveness through innovation. To make that happen, we rely on relationships and partnerships developed over years of collaboration and successful implementations. We believe in candid conversation and immediate feedback, responsiveness, the importance of a thorough understanding of customer business objectives, and establishing mutually aligned goals.

Fundamentally, our work is informed by these principles:

  • Healthcare in America is in desperate need of innovation, and HIT can play a crucial role in improving care, lowering costs, and creating a better customer experience. We help make it easier for health plans to identify solutions that deliver real returns.
  • Relationships are vital and investing in them is an essential element of our value to customers.
  • Time is the enemy. Innovation and competitive advantage accrue to those that move decisively and with vision. At Kiinetics, we strive to compress time and shorten the distance-to-value equation.
  • Simplicity, elegance and speed trump big and complex. We want to work with people looking to start small, establish momentum and grow relationships through collaborative gain.
  • It might not always be fun, but it shouldn’t be toil. We should enjoy working together or something is wrong.

In short, there may be cataclysmic shifts at work in the healthcare industry (integration requirements, regulatory hurdles, new reimbursement models, etc.), but our underlying philosophy to successful business relationships is both proven and hardwired into our DNA.